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          • 溫嶺市青海湖工具有限公司

            ABOUT US

            溫嶺市青海湖工具有限公司創建于1954年,公司是由三家單位經資產重組而成的新型工具制造企業。1965年自上海遷至西寧后,于1971年注 冊“青海湖”商標。公司以產品質量為中心任務,重視技術改造,并加強了產品的研發、設計、創新,不斷的提升品牌建設,將青海湖牌工 具打造成家喻戶曉的知名品牌。 1977年開始出口,產品遠銷美國、德國、法國、阿根廷、墨西哥、古巴等30多個國家和地區,享有一定的國際聲譽。產品自1981年來 多次被評為“青海省優秀產品”,1982年又獲得工業機械部“信得過”產品稱號,1983年獲得對外經濟貿易部頒發的榮譽證書,2003年榮獲 “青海湖名牌產品”稱號,2005年又被評為“中國五金優秀品牌”,從2000年到2010年連續多次被評為“青海省著名商標”,品牌享譽全國?!?010年因公司發展需要,生產基地搬遷至沿?;盍Τ鞘小憬貛X市” 公司堅持“高標準、上檔次、創一流”的質量方針,堅持“重質量、守信譽、互利互惠、長期合作”的經營宗旨,不斷開發新產品,為 我國手動工具的發展而不懈努力。我們將秉著“誠信、互利、共贏”的原則與新老客戶同舟共濟,創造更美好的未來。
            Qinghai Lake Tools Co., LTD., founded in 1954, is a new tool manufacturing enterprise formed by the reorganization of assets of three companies. In 1965, it moved to Xining from Shanghai and registered the "Qinghai Lake" trademark in 1971. The company takes product quality as the central task, attaches importance to technical transformation, and strengthens product research and development, design, innovation, and constantly improve brand construction, will make Qinghai Lake brand tools into a well-known brand. Since 1977, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and so on, enjoying a certain international reputation. The products have been awarded as "Excellent Products of Qinghai Province" for many times since 1981, "Trustworthy" product title of The Ministry of Industrial Machinery in 1982, honorary certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade in 1983, "Famous Brand product of Qinghai Lake" title in 2003, and "Excellent Brand of Chinese hardware" in 2005. From 2000 to 2010, it has been rated as "Famous Trademark of Qinghai Province" for many times and enjoys a good reputation all over the country. "In 2010 due to the need of company development, production base moved to the coastal city - zhejiang province wenling city vigor" companies adhere to the "high standard, grade, create first-class" quality policy, adhere to the "quality first, credibility, mutual benefit, long-term cooperation" the management objective, constantly develop new products, and make unremitting efforts for the development of hand tools in our country. We will adhere to the principle of "integrity, mutual benefit, win-win" and new and old customers together to create a better future. ...



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          地點: 浙江省溫嶺市澤國鎮水倉工業區

          郵編: 318000

          電話: 0576-86421679

          傳真: 0576-86426222




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